New! Women’s Journaling Workshop

Mom's Journaling Workshop - More Info: www.aprileight.com

Hello my friends, I want to tell you about a Women’s Journaling Workshop I’ve created around the shift in identity that happens when you become a mom.

Do you ever feel alone and a bit lost? When your schedule revolves around a baby’s nap times and unpredictable littles while everyone else is at work, it sometimes seems so impossibly out of sorts. Add working yourself into that mix, and it is a bit nutty, really. Being pulled in so many directions at once makes it hard to know who you are anymore. I know I used to feel like that.

I remember feeling like all of my creativity was shut up in a closet and not allowed to come out. There just wasn’t time and it didn’t really even seem acceptable to pursue my own creative thoughts when there were young children to be cared for. And then those young children got a bit older and still it was all about them.

This just feels like part and parcel of being “the mom”, doesn’t it? And I love my children heart and soul. I like being “the mom”. No, I love it. I want to be the one my kids come to when they need help/love/comfort/muffins/socks. I chose being “the mom” over following my dreams of pursuing my music career much more seriously. But choosing a musician’s life would have meant leaving my family for weeks at a time to go on tour. I love to perform and I truly enjoy touring – that is a great life for me. But I decided my time with my family meant more to me than even that. I decided to shift my identity.

It is good to know you are choosing when you choose. I realized it after the fact. I can’t say “no regrets” but I can say, “so glad I chose this.”

I called everything I desired and mulled over but rarely shared aloud back then “My Secret Life as Myself”. Through the process of letting go and reinventing, I successfully shifted myself, crafting a new authentic adult identity after losing my original one to motherhood. This new identity feels great to me. It is a more honest and clear version of who I truly am because I chose it beyond what I just grew up believing about myself.  It’s cleaner. It’s more real. It has integrity. It makes me a better mom and wife and friend. I’m happy with myself. It isn’t a secret life anymore. I live it out loud in real life and on the pages of this blog. And of course, it is always shifting as I continue to grow.

I have created a Women’s Journaling Workshop based on my process, sharing what I researched and learned over the course of many years so that you don’t have to. If you would like to find out more about The Secret Life as Myself Journaling Workshop, there are several upcoming retreats in the works and an online course too. Please sign up to receive more information. I have so much that I want to share with all of you.

Don’t worry, I can leave my kids for just a weekend.🙂

Yes, keep me posted on the workshop:

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