Sara Still Shines

Hi Dear Ones,

I know, I know. I always post about this song every single year. Ya know why? I really like the kid I wrote it for and her special birthday song. This wintery season can be so dark and gloomy and I feel like I got this one just right – this “shine your light and the world shines with you” that needs to be said this time of year. For everyone. For Sara. Happy birthday, sweet girl!

Here is a funny one of Sara patiently ignoring her little brother in the waiting room…


If you are in the midwest, enjoy this snowy day! xo!


A Snake, a Broken Arm and Joy

My daughter Mia loves snakes. Big snakes. Below is one of my favorite pictures of all time. She was only in second grade and she had a broken arm. She was feeling terribly sad at that time so I took her to the Cincinnati Museum Center to see if we could rumage up some fun. 


And the lo and behold, the folks from the zoo were there with giant snakes. Mia just lit up when she saw them. The next thing I knew, a kind gentleman was carefully drapped his massive snake around my seven year old’s shoulders while I stood many, many feet away and tried to stay calm. 

“I’ll stand way over here and take your picture, okay sweetie?”

You can see in her eyes how excited she was. Like completely-full-of-joy excited. I think she was a little frightened too, but that just made it all the more interesting to her. 

I was looking at this picture the other day and I thought, if we could all carry a little of this kind of light into our own new year, we might actually turn our lives toward what we hope they will become. A little enthusiasm never hurt anyone. 

I myself am truly excited about the possibilities ahead in 2016. I’m focusing my energy, my joy and my time on what I love most in my life besides my dear family, of course,  and that really comes down to music. Music, music, music, music, music. 
What could you put a little more energy, joy and snake-enthusiasm behind? 


Merry Christmas, Everyone! 

Xoxo, Peace and Joy! April


Merry Little Christmas

I have wee Instagram videos for you… I’ve been working on a full recording for you all morning, but the fates won’t have it. So this is what I do have, and I hope you feel the love I have in my voice, in my heart, for each of you. 

 The beginning… 
The middle…

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The end… It’s just me and Roxie saying “Merry Everything!” If you were here with us, Roxie would sit on you so you would know that she loves you. 

Peace and joy and everything good! Xoxo!