Biggest Caterpillar Ever!

Yesterday my daughter and I were leaving school when she stopped in her tracks and pointed. This big handsome fella was making his way down the tree pretty quickly. You can see that he has quite a few legs and a bright green, faceted body. He must have been about four inches long. I’ve never seen anything like him.

Do you know what he will turn into?



We Did Have Fun at KidSong 2014!

“April Eight’s lively and entertaining program about folk songs at KidSong 2014 got both young and old toes tapping. If you have young ones, or are young at heart, April Eight is a must-see!” – Chris Bieri, Vice President, The Queen City Balladeers


Here is the scoop from The Queen City Balladeers: “The Queen City Balladeers’ first annual KidSong workshop & sing-along on July 26 was a rip-roaring success! Twenty-one children and sixteen parents & grandparents sang folk songs, tried musical instruments, made maracas, and wrote a group folk song entitled “Winter on the Ohio.”

Modern family folk musician, April Eight (AKA April Combs), led the program. She was backed by a “house band” of Balladeers, including Chuck Black (bass fiddle), Chris Bieri (bongo), Linda Eads (guitar), Dennis Iverson (ukulele & banjo-uke), Jody Knoop (mandolin), and Dave Sanders (guitar & banjo).”


“KidSong was sponsored by the QCB, and by a Summertime Kids Grant from the Greater Cincinnati Foundation. The Cincinnati Art Museum graciously allowed us to use their Artworld Education Center for the event.”

Thanks for having me!



April Eight & the Folk Family Band

April Eight & the Folk Family Band

Well, lucky ME! I have the great honor and joy of getting to play a little music with my sweet family. My wonderful guitar-playing husband Michael and my magical fiddler daughter Mia are joining me as April Eight & the Folk Family Band. We’ll be debuting this Friday night, August 8th at the “Forever Young” Art Opening at the Red Tree Gallery.

April Eight & the Folk Family Band will be starting around 6:30PM playing fun folk songs and sing-alongs Hootenanny-style for an hour or so. I’ll have a few fairy tunes for you to howl along with as well as a song or two I wrote with the cool kids at my Peace Camps and April Eight Superhero Workshops. We will even share the folksong we wrote last week at the Cincinnati Art Museum at the FolkSong Workshop I did with the Queen City Balladeers (I have so much to share with you about that later this week!)

For more shows coming up this fall, check out our calendar page. I’ve got so much in the works, so check the calendar often, or sign up for the April Eight Newsletter.


I can’t wait to see you on Friday for a great show of brilliant creative artists under 18 and some musical family fun. How does it get any better than this? xoxoxox!





Let’s Sing Together in July!

I’m so excited to announce that I’m doing a really fun workshop on July 26th. The Queen City Balladeers have asked me to come and lead one of my special programs with your kids at the Cincinnati Art Museum – we are calling it KidSong!

We will learn a fun folk song, make instruments, and then, ladies and gentleman, we will write our own song using the folk traditions we talk about during the session. There will be a collective of folk musicians on hand to interact with your kids and even jump in and add their traditional folk instrumentation to our songs and make the day really special. I’ve got lots of joy-filled activities planned, so come on down and join us. It will be a great day.

ImageKidSong will be held Saturday, July 26th at the Cincinnati Art Museum’s Artworld Room from 2:00-4:00 P.M.

This event is open to children between the ages of 5 and 12, with caregivers attendance required. The maximum attendance is 50 children and caregivers, so pre-registration is required.

There will be $4.00 charge for parking at the museum, but event attendees will be reimbursed by the QCB.

To Register Click Right Here. See you on Saturday, July 26th!

Special Thanks to the Greater Cincinnati Foundation for sponsoring this program.