Songs for SuperHeroes Workshops

Songs for Superheroes Workshops can be booked as a one-off or a series at your venue. Each session is two hours of wonderful fun. We learn each others names, pick a theme, and BOOM! just like that, we start writing a song. We brainstorm it, write it, and record it in 2 hours. It goes by fast and you’d be amazed at how great the songs always are. Why? Because kids rock!

Ideal for schools, church groups, yoga studios and community centers. Ages 6-11 or 12-17. A fantastic way to wrap up a camp or retreat, or to bring kids together for a common goal.  As Albus Dumbledore said, “Ah music. A magic far beyond all we do here (at Hogwarts).”  To book your venue, contact April right here.

“I think people who write songs are genius, then I think they are even more amazing for being able to sing the song and play an instrument at the same time. April can do that AND share-write a song that includes 10 enthusiastic voices to the creative process. Mind boggling! Oliver cannot wait to go back again.” -M. Madison


After School Songwriters Brainstorming Another Great Song

Children develop and hone their great imaginations and self-expression through music and writing at April Eight’s “Songs for Superheroes!” Songwriting Workshop. And all the while they’re developing leadership and collaboration skills – we have to take turns and work together to write a great superhero song. We’ll play with language and ideas as we explore what being a true superhero is all about.  Experimentation with song-form, patterns and repetition,  rhythm and rhyme and ways to connect imagery are all part of the process. And hey, can we add some clapping?  It’s pretty magical!

Kids don’t need to be great spellers, readers or writers to be an important contributor to the group. All they need is a willingness to participate and have fun. Superheroes have many and varied talents. We can put every one of them to good use here.

The best part of the whole process is how proud each kid is of his/her contribution to our superhero songs.  April has found that kids who don’t think of themselves as singers enjoy this as much as the ones that do – it is the collaborative creation that thrills the whole group. If you schedule multiple sessions, all the kids will end have a whole CD’s worth of your child’s group-written Superhero Songs to share with family and friends.

Click here to book an after school or Saturday workshop for your venue.

Goofing around because, hey, it is camp.


“April is charming, joyful, creative and clearly in tune (no pun intended) with the kids in her camp…. Highly recommend!” – S. Gilbreath

“He just couldn’t get enough, he wanted to practice and learn the songs he and the others co-wrote with April.” -J. Stec

“It’s a wonderful way for children to experience a range of musical experiences rooted in peace and fun…and the final performance…well, it’s AMAZING!” – C. Schellhas

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