Birdie and the Unexpected Guests

Welcome to Episode 21 of the April Eight Songs & Stories Podcast. Today’s episode is called “Birdie and the Unexpected Guest“.

"Birdie and the Unexpected Guest" on the April Eight Songs & Stories Podcast on iTunes, Soundcloud, Stitcher, or anywhere that podcasts are found. For More, come find all the fun and fairytales, songs and stories, crafts and recipes at http://www.aprileight.comOn today’s episode, Grammy and the kids, that’s Sage, Sander and Arwen, and of course, Birdie, the dog, have an unexpected guest. A leprechaun! Turns out, Lucky Mr. Liam Continue reading


Favorite Picture of the Week…

Well, geez, I have TWO!

Because one is of my mega-cute nephew Sander playing music with my brother James and me. We were hanging out on my wonderful friends Carrie and Robert’s porch with their sweet dog Lilly in Bloomington, Indiana, practicing for a little party we were going to play after the Lotus World Music and Arts Festival. It was just a big batch of goodness and I’m so glad that I thought of snapping this picture.

Sander, April and James, with Lilly

And then today, I made a new friend while I was performing at the Second Sunday on Main back here in Cincinnati, Ohio. It is always fun when a wonderful someone dances through your whole show. Thanks to her mom for snapping the picture. Big love, Bella!


I hope you had a wonderful weekend. I’m ready for a fantastic, if super busy, week of creating with the kids on Once Upon a Time and Then What Happens…, writing a couple of songs ideas I’ve got, working on the novel I’m cranking out – have I told you about that yet? I came up with a good plot twist while I was driving down the highway that I’m super excited to explore. I’m also developing some great Artist-in-Residency plans with area schools and arts groups and some workshops for, get this, adults! Lots of things cooking and more on the way. Can’t wait to share it all with you!

Questions? Thoughts? Want me to come to your child’s school or be in one of my songwriting workshops for adults. Tell me all about it right here. xoxoxo! April