Birdie and the Unexpected Guests

Welcome to Episode 21 of the April Eight Songs & Stories Podcast. Today’s episode is called “Birdie and the Unexpected Guest“.

"Birdie and the Unexpected Guest" on the April Eight Songs & Stories Podcast on iTunes, Soundcloud, Stitcher, or anywhere that podcasts are found. For More, come find all the fun and fairytales, songs and stories, crafts and recipes at http://www.aprileight.comOn today’s episode, Grammy and the kids, that’s Sage, Sander and Arwen, and of course, Birdie, the dog, have an unexpected guest. A leprechaun! Turns out, Lucky Mr. Liam Continue reading


The Old Man and the Seagull

Welcome to Episode 9 of the April Eight Songs & Stories Podcast. Today’s story is “The Old Man and the Seagull”.

"The Old Man and the Seagull" from the April Eight Songs & Stories Podcast at

On today’s episode, I tell you the story of an old fisherman and his seagull and the things Continue reading


My Special Story Song

Hi my friends, Today Roxie and I want to share a video of the little song I sing before I Continue reading


My Best Buddy


I am thrilled to let you know that you can now subscribe to my April Eight Songs & Stories Podcast on iTunes. Listen in for joyful and peaceful car ride with your kids. Continue reading