A Little Minute About Birthdays!

Welcome to Episode 23 of the April Eight Songs & Stories Podcast. Today’s Episode is called, “A Little Minute About Birthdays”!

Episode 23 A Little Minute about Birthdays on the April Eight Songs & Stories Podcast at

On today’s episode, we talk about birthdays birthdays birthdays. Whether yours is soon or way far away, I think you’ll find some fun Continue reading


A Snake, a Broken Arm and Joy

My daughter Mia loves snakes. Big snakes. Below is one of my favorite pictures of all time. She was only in second grade and she had a broken arm. She was feeling terribly sad at that time so I took her to the Cincinnati Museum Center to see if we could rummage up some fun.


And the lo and behold, the folks from the zoo were there with giant snakes. Mia just lit up when she saw them. The next thing I knew, a kind gentleman was carefully draped his massive snake around my seven-year old’s shoulders while I stood many, many feet away and tried to stay calm.

“I’ll stand way over here and take your picture, okay sweetie?”

You can see in her eyes how excited she was. Like completely-full-of-joy excited. I think she was a little frightened too, but that just made it all the more interesting to her.

I was looking at this picture the other day and I thought, if we could all carry a little of this kind of light into our own new year, we might actually turn our lives toward what we hope they will become. A little enthusiasm never hurt anyone. And I, her mom, didn’t like the snake, but Mia did. We all need to go toward what we love, not what our society, or our moms, tells us we “should” love. Mia would never have gotten close to that snake if she hadn’t let me know that that is what she wanted. And I had to let her have it. I couldn’t throw my worries at her. That’s the tricky part of parenting…

I myself am truly excited about the possibilities ahead in 2016. I’m focusing my energy, my joy and my time on what I love most in my life besides my dear family, of course,  and that really comes down to music and stories and that’s just about it, really.

What could you put a little more energy, joy and snake-enthusiasm behind?


Favorite Picture of the Week…

Favorite Picture of the Week...

My husband’s grandmother turned 96 this week, proving that charm and humor, style and grace are ageless. She’s a gem! Happy Birthday, Faye!


Favorite Picture of the Week…

Well, geez, I have TWO!

Because one is of my mega-cute nephew Sander playing music with my brother James and me. We were hanging out on my wonderful friends Carrie and Robert’s porch with their sweet dog Lilly in Bloomington, Indiana, practicing for a little party we were going to play after the Lotus World Music and Arts Festival. It was just a big batch of goodness and I’m so glad that I thought of snapping this picture.

Sander, April and James, with Lilly

And then today, I made a new friend while I was performing at the Second Sunday on Main back here in Cincinnati, Ohio. It is always fun when a wonderful someone dances through your whole show. Thanks to her mom for snapping the picture. Big love, Bella!


I hope you had a wonderful weekend. I’m ready for a fantastic, if super busy, week of creating with the kids on Once Upon a Time and Then What Happens…, writing a couple of songs ideas I’ve got, working on the novel I’m cranking out – have I told you about that yet? I came up with a good plot twist while I was driving down the highway that I’m super excited to explore. I’m also developing some great Artist-in-Residency plans with area schools and arts groups and some workshops for, get this, adults! Lots of things cooking and more on the way. Can’t wait to share it all with you!

Questions? Thoughts? Want me to come to your child’s school or be in one of my songwriting workshops for adults. Tell me all about it right here. xoxoxo! April


Halloween Candy I Adore!

I love Halloween! I love the imagining and creating of costumes, I love Autumn, I love carving pumpkins, I love carmel apples and falling leaves. Yes, yes, yes! I like spiders and witches too. But I like to keep it all in the realm of fun and imagination. I’m not very interested in terrifying 7-year-olds. And I’m not excited about filling them full of too much candy either, to be honest. A little goes a long way. But these, these I wish I could put one in every bag! Wouldn’t that be fun!

I’m such a big fan of the Purl Bee blog from Purl SoHo. The owner of this lovely shop filled with gorgeous yarns and wondrous fabrics used to be an editor for Martha Stewart Magazine. I love to pop in and drool when I’m in New York City, but I also love to pop in and explore on my laptop any time of day or night thanks to their great website full of  inspiring projects and thoughtful instructions.

Here in Cincinnati, Ohio I tend to covet the gorgeous yarn at Hank. I often take my curly-headed mini-me buddy. She ends up with more yarn than I do half the time. How come that always happens with kids?


This year, I think I will knit up a little batch of these treats to have around the house. I actually do not like the real candy corn candy at all. Even as a kid when I felt that it was imperative to chow-down on EVERY ounce of candy the neighbors tossed in my plastic Halloween pumpkin whether I liked it or not, I always generously shared my candy corn with my brother.

Come listen to the goofy Halloween song we wrote at the April Eight After-School Workshop last OCtober. “Carmel Apple, Save Me Now!” It is pretty goofy, I confess.

Learn more about April Eight’s songwriting workshops for kids.