Stories Full of Songs

April Eight’s love of story and song come together in her thoughtful and entertaining Stories Full of Song performances. She has performed her stories full of songs for audiences across the country. To book April Eight click here.

April Eight’s “The Butterfly Adventurer, A Story full of Songs”
The Butterfly Adventurer, a Story full of Song

50 minutes of interactive joy for the whole family.

First performed at the New York Faerie Festival, “The Butterfly Adventurer” is a fable full of song, featuring a golden butterfly, trumpeting fairies, chanting goblins, a dashing pixie, one fearsome dragon and a heroic gnome named Thom. And don’t forget the Fairy Godmother or she’ll never forgive you!

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April Eight’s “Magical Winter Songs & Stories”

April Eight Winter Songs And Stories

50 minutes of interactive family fun celebrating the mysterious magic of winter time.

Winter is a time of dreamy dreams and cinnamon. As the geese fly South for the winter and the Snowflake Fairies call you out into their powdery drifts, friendly Goblins howl and the whole world turns white. What mysteries await us, we’ll find out… What a cozy way to spend the day, full of Songs & stories.

To get April’s CD “Songs for a Magical Winter” click here.

To get the April Eight Snowflake Fairies Coloring Book T-Shirt, click here.

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April Eight’s “The Ballad of Hound & Fae”

Fairy Fiona

When Howard Hound and Faerie Vella get together, all kinds of silly things happen. The best of friends, the worst of enemies, they must work together for the greater good of their World. Laugh a lot, sing a lot, a find out what true friendship really means.

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