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Season 5

Ep 48, “The Lost Fairy Series, Story 3 – The Golden Bee”

· Fairies Little and Fairies Big ·

Story 3 of the Lost Fairy Series, The Golden Bee. Have you ever flown on the back of a falcon? Well, neither had the fairy prince. Of course, he had flown many times before, being a fairy and all. Flying is a fairy’s preferred mode of transportation, as we all well know. If you had wings, wouldn’t you fly everywhere? Yes, exactly. Me too.

EP 46, “The Lost Fairy Series Story 2: In the Forest du Lutin”

· "Oh No, Not Pixies!" ·

In today’s tale, the Fairy Prince and his fairy fellows set out on a journey to find a lost friend. They stop for a rest and run into some pixie problems… A sweet, funny fairytale story for your kids at bath time, bedtime, car time, and family time. An excerpt from today’s story:  “Oh no! It’s raining!” said Geraud…

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