We Had Fun with You on FBLive!

Hello my Friends! What fun we had last night on our Facebook Live “Stay Up Late with April Eight” Party. We sang and we laughed and I told you a little story Continue reading


It Just Didn’t Work!


Well, my Facebook Live was a bit of a Continue reading


Children and Courage


Hi Dear Ones, This week I’ve been thinking a lot about inner wisdom, inner fortitude – doing my own work in service to the world instead of taking what others Continue reading


Silly Halloween Song for Kids

Cappels Monster Gloves

Hi Friends, my daughter Mia and I have a silly Halloween song video for you. We had such a good time Continue reading


Facebook Live with Roxie and Rocco

Hey, I did a Facebook Live today. Check it out right here and sing a few songs and meet my silly chug (that’s a chihuahua mixed with a pug) friend Rocco and see my sweet little Roxie Doodle too. We had a lot of fun!


The song “Follow the Sun” is waiting right here for you as a free download.

To listen to the Butterfly Adventurer Podcast Series Continue reading


Jemi and the Video!

Hello my friends, I’m doing a little experiment. Sometimes it just seems like a lot to click a link and download a podcast in these uncertain time (like uncertain you even have time to think about clicking a link kind of times) so I thought I’d give this little supershort video concept a whirl. Plus ,then you get to see more Roxie, and that is always a good thing!

Here is a little excerpt from Jemi and the Birthday Surprise. When you are ready to hear the whole story, click right here – she and her friends are waiting just for you.

Whaddya think? Do you like the video?


The Magic You Were Born With

April Eight

First Grader Depiction of April Eight in Action!

Hello my friends, Well, I’m so sorry I’ve been a bit absent for a few days. I have been working intently on an unexpected family project that has taken all my attention and internet expertise. But now I am back because I missed you terribly and I have all sorts of fun things to share with you.

I posted the last verse of “The Magic You Were Born With” – the song the Fairy Godmother Continue reading