It is my awesome mom’s birthday today! I wrote here this silly song a few years ago, and here it is again because it is that much fun!


It Just Didn’t Work!


Well, my Facebook Live was a bit of a Continue reading


The Jemi Stories


This week’s extra special April Eight Songs & Stories Podcast will be posted on Friday. It is the Season I Finale!! Thank you for Continue reading


A8 Podcast Launches Tuesday!

Hi Dear People, I am launching the first ever April Eight Songs and Stories Podcast this Tuesday, June 7th. I am so excited and, to be honest, a little nervous too. I’ve been thinking about this idea for a long time and writing podcast-ready stories and songs to share with all of you. Now to actually LAUNCH my podcast, that’s a whole other leap of faith. I’m ready. Are you?


I can’t wait for you to give a listen to my first podcast story, “Jemi and the Birthday Surprise” on June 7th. Then tune in right here every Tuesday for more original stories and songs by me, April Eight. Some stories will be longer and last over several Tuesdays. Some will fit right into one podcast. There will be joys and surprises, heroes and helpers, friends and fun, songs and silliness each week. Every story will be for all-ages so the whole family can enjoy them together wherever you go.

Let the podcast begin!


It Is February 7th!


Although I must admit that April 8th is my favorite day of the year, a very close second is February 7th, my dear mother’s birthday. I wrote this silly song for her a few years ago, and I’d like to share it again because, well, I think it is pretty funny. See what you think.

Happy 86th to the beautiful and brilliant B-O-N-N-I-E!


Birthday Poem for Jereme

Children at the Cincinnati Waldorf School are given Birthday verses, usually written by the teacher, on his or her special day.

As a songwriter, I love the chance to create these personal poems for my wonderful Third Grade students.

This is one I wrote today for my dear Jereme.

I hope he likes it as much as I enjoyed writing it.


Hey, It Is My Birthday!


Well, hey, whaddya know? It is already April 8th again. The past year has been interesting, complicated, profound and altering. I learned so much I can barely keep up with myself.

But some things are still the same. Always. My heart full of songs, my love of story, the joy of being in Nature, my mega-watt curiosity about people, places and ideas. And my passion for adventures – both real and imaginary.

I’m working on a novel for someone just about your age, and I am ridiculously excited about it. My daughter and I are planning away and really ready to go for it with a garden in the backyard. You can follow our ideas here. I’ve got a few new songs up my sleeve and a few shows scheduled with plenty more in the works. I’m not doing any camps this summer because I started a new job that I really love, but I do have a few weekend workshops coming together that will be super special.

Perhaps I’ll see you this weekend at The Carnegie Center for The ArtsWave Sampler event. I’m on at 11:30. We’ll have fun!