April Eight Makes Best of 2016!

April Eight

First Grader Depiction of April Eight in Action!

What a thrill! It was such a treat to discover my work included on the “The Best Kids Podcasts of 2016” list for the April Eight Songs & Stories Podcast. And I love what Continue reading


Kids Listen and Happy International Podcast Day

aprileight.com April Eight Songs & Stories Podcast. Sometimes you just have to put your feet up and wait for the paint to dry...

Sometimes you just have to put your feet up and wait a minute for the paint to dry…

Hello my friends, Happy International Podcast Day.  I am delighted today to be invited to be part of Kids Listen. Kids Listen is “a new grassroots organization of advocates for high-quality audio content for children.”  Continue reading


Chaos, Stephen Foster and Me

Hello my friends, what a week! You?

I have such good things in the works for April Eight – everything is coming together, as they say. I can’t wait to be able to share it all with you over the next few months as each Continue reading


Let Them Be Little Instead of Anxious

Let Them Be Little - Anxiety in Kids and Teens www.aprileight.com

Me playing dress up, age 6, with rabbit ears and a poncho around my waist like a ballgown.

My mother-in-law gave me this wonderful thought that has helped me ever since in my decision-making about my kids: She said, Continue reading


Momming It


It is back to school! Hooray! Wait a minute. Boo! Wait a minute. Hooray! Wait a minute, Continue reading


My #1 Parenting Tip For Back to School

"My #1 Parenting Tip For Back to School" www.aprileight.com

We breathe in and we breathe out. Our heart beats. The tide rolls in and rolls out. Following the Continue reading


How To Make a Life Plan in Less Than 65 Words…

How to Make a Life Plan in 65 Words or Less aprileight.com

“I’ve been fumbling around trying to figure out my work-life for twenty years,” I say. Continue reading