Birdie and the Unexpected Guests

Welcome to Episode 21 of the April Eight Songs & Stories Podcast. Today’s episode is called “Birdie and the Unexpected Guest“.

"Birdie and the Unexpected Guest" on the April Eight Songs & Stories Podcast on iTunes, Soundcloud, Stitcher, or anywhere that podcasts are found. For More, come find all the fun and fairytales, songs and stories, crafts and recipes at http://www.aprileight.comOn today’s episode, Grammy and the kids, that’s Sage, Sander and Arwen, and of course, Birdie, the dog, have an unexpected guest. A leprechaun! Turns out, Lucky Mr. Liam Continue reading


5 Kids Holiday Ornaments to Buy and Make


Well, the Holiday Season is officially here and the first thing I start thinking about is all the fun decorating. I don’t always DO a lot of holiday decorating, but I certainly think about it!

Of course, the one thing that always gets done is the Christmas tree. Tree ornaments are such a Continue reading


Silly Halloween Song for Kids

Cappels Monster Gloves

Hi Friends, my daughter Mia and I have a silly Halloween song video for you. We had such a good time Continue reading


Happy Memorial Day


My thoughtful, sensitive, intelligent and funny dad, way back in 1942, graduated from a small town high school in Indiana and immediately shipped off to World War II. Tom Combs was a great storyteller, but he never talked about the war.

Enjoy your day off, United States. I’m looking forward to the bright parades and potato salad picnics. Still I won’t forget what this day is about – and I am full of gratitude that my dad and his brothers who served as medics and marines, in the army, in the navy underwater in submarines, and his sister who was a fighter-plane mechanic on an aircraft carrier, made it back, so I could know them and love them. I am lucky.

My dad was my favorite storyteller when I was growing up. Who was yours?


Merry Little Christmas

I have wee Instagram videos for you… I’ve been working on a full recording for you all morning, but the fates won’t have it. So this is what I do have, and I hope you feel the love I have in my voice, in my heart, for each of you. 

 The beginning… 
The middle…

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The end… It’s just me and Roxie saying “Merry Everything!” If you were here with us, Roxie would sit on you so you would know that she loves you. 

Peace and joy and everything good! Xoxo!


Happy Thanksgiving!

I am so grateful to get to be April Eight! I hope you have a joyful day with those you care about doing things you enjoy. Love to all!


Birthday Poem for Jereme

Children at the Cincinnati Waldorf School are given Birthday verses, usually written by the teacher, on his or her special day.

As a songwriter, I love the chance to create these personal poems for my wonderful Third Grade students.

This is one I wrote today for my dear Jereme.

I hope he likes it as much as I enjoyed writing it.