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“I adore this podcast.” -Elsie Escobar, She Podcast, Podcast Strategist and Pundit

“APRIL EIGHT… Encourages the best part of childhood imagination, and reminds us grown-ups to honor what we knew so long ago, but may have forgotten.” – Carrie Newcomer, writer, musician

“I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: It’s almost unfair the secret weapon April has in her back pocket. At the beginning of every episode of her April Eight Song & Stories Podcast, she breaks out her beautiful singing voice, and it’s impossible to not be enchanted as the rest of the episode plays…. April is a gifted writer, penning original folk and fairy tales for her show.” – Jonathan Messinger
FULL INTERVIEW: https://medium.com/kidslisten/five-minutes-with-kids-podcaster-april-eight-4ba31e715022

April Eight was recognized as an expert in podcasting by Texas A&M University’s Digital Media Research Lab: “April Mann, the creator of the children’s show APRIL EIGHT Songs & Stories, said she prefers podcasts over a more visual medium because they encourage listening and creativity. A teacher by trade, she believes podcasting is like reading aloud to a class.”
FULL ARTICLE: http://www.downloadonpodcasting.com/…/BestPractices_Emulate…