Your friend April fronted a raucous alt-rock band called Arson Garden. She jumped around on stages and sang her heart out on tours across the US and Europe, recorded in fancy studios like Prince’s Paisley Park, and did other prestigious stuff like recording a live Peel Session at BBC Radio One in London and performing at Lollapalooza. It was a blast! But how exactly did alt-rock April become April Eight? Well…

– One night, not so very long ago, I was reading a book to my sweet little daughter. Suddenly, a band of Pixies wandered right across our page. I wondered what they might sound like and then, just like that, I knew. I could hear them perfectly. And that is when it all happened – in that moment I could hear the songs and see a whole new world of joyful, delightful ideas to sing and write about – and that’s how I became April Eight. – 

April lives by the Ohio River in Cincinnati with her two daughters and her dear husband. When April is not podcasting, writing stories and songs, making videos, leading workshops or performing, she is the Class Teacher for the Class of 2026 at the Cincinnati Waldorf School. She received her Waldorf certification from the Association for a Healing Education.  And of course, she also plays with and walks her bossy little dog,  Roxie.


“I adore this podcast.” -Elsie Escobar, She Podcast, Podcast Strategist and Pundit

“APRIL EIGHT… Encourages the best part of childhood imagination, and reminds us grown-ups to honor what we knew so long ago, but may have forgotten.” – Carrie Newcomer, writer, musician

“I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: It’s almost unfair the secret weapon April has in her back pocket. At the beginning of every episode of her April Eight Song & Stories Podcast, she breaks out her beautiful singing voice, and it’s impossible to not be enchanted as the rest of the episode plays…. April is a gifted writer, penning original folk and fairy tales for her show.” – Jonathan Messinger

April Eight was recognized as an expert in podcasting by Texas A&M University’s Digital Media Research Lab: “April Mann, the creator of the children’s show APRIL EIGHT Songs & Stories, said she prefers podcasts over a more visual medium because they encourage listening and creativity. A teacher by trade, she believes podcasting is like reading aloud to a class.”
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