Larken and the Troll

Ep 54 Larken and the Troll

· Have you ever heard a troll sing before? ·

Feb, 08, 2021

Larken and the Troll is an original fairytale for all-ages. “And so, there was Larken, covered in mud, shivering at the back door, socks wet, rain boots lost in a mud puddle and his raincoat who knows where… All his mother could think of to say was, “Larken, you look like a wet rat!” And Larken explained to her, well, he tried at least, over the top of his mug of peppermint tea she’d made for him as he sat by the fire warming up, that it was all on account of a troll. 

“A TROLL?” Said his mother…

Let April Eight’s “magical voice” tell your family a tale both ancient and new. 

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We just love your stories. I’ve heard other nice children’s storytellers, but none of them have such a sweet voice or such a lovely cadence, not to mention such beautiful and imaginative content as you!

– Hazel J. mother of 3


  1. Reply

    Sasha Patterson

    February 10, 2021


    We are in big April 8 fans and were so excited to see a new story. However in the middle of Larkin&the troll, the story cuts out. Right after Larkin goes to his friend’s house who was collecting chicken eggs in the yard. Double checked our connectivity and there doesn’t seem to be any issue with that. I started and restarted the app on my phone and it looks like the episode continues to play there’s just no contact. I hope I’m not overlooking some technical issue on our end that I could have solved. We hope to hear the rest of the story soon; perhaps we will try streaming it from your website!

    • Reply


      February 11, 2021

      Hi Sasha, thank you for reaching out. I fixed the file and updated it on my podcast server. It should be working for you now from any player, but you may have to delete the download and download it again. Or, you could just listen to it on this page! Thanks for listening. I so love hearing from you. Sorry about the problem. My astrologer sister says, “that’s exactly how Mercury in retrograde works!” And I guess she’s right. xo

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