The Cuckoo and the Donkey Lyrics

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May, 14, 2020
Ukulele tabs for a sweet spring song from the April Eight Songs & Stories Podcast

I have the words and the ukulele tabs for “The Cuckoo and the Donkey” right here for you so you can have all the fun I am having with it!

Because it’s always fun to know if you have the words, right? It took me a minute to figure out that the chords to this song are SO SIMPLE. It is really just two!  D and A. I tried to add in the G here and there (because the D and the A usually like to play with the G) but, not this time. It is all AD AD AD!

Here are the lyrics and tabs for you, dear friends, in case you’ve been inspired.


The Cuckoo and Donkey

(A) The cuckoo and the (D) donkey, they quarreled one fine (A) day,

as to who could better (D) sing, as to who could better (A) sing.

In the lovely month of (D) May, in the lovely month of (A)May.


(A) The cuckoo said now (D) hear me, and so began to (A) call.

But I can do it (D) better! And the donkey sang (A) “Hee Haw!”

In the lovely month of (D) May, in the lovely month of(A) May.


(A) The sweet and lovely (D) music, it echoed wide and (A) far,

They sang so well (D)together, “cuckoo, cuckoo”, (A) “hee-haw!”

In the lovely month of (D) May, in the lovely month of (A) May.

German Traditional

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