“Gnomes at Home” – a Story and Activity Episode

· A Special Episode from the Kids Listen Activity Podcast ·

Apr, 24, 2020

“Gnomes at Home” on the Kids Listen Activity Podcast – Listen Now – Right Here.

I’m part of a group of podcasters called Kids Listen and we’ve been making a daily podcast with activities called The Kids Listen Activity Podcast. Each weekday, we bring you a different Kids Listen podcast and include an activity based on the episode – to listen, learn, and have some fun.

Today I am featured on the podcast, and here is the link to my story, “Gnomes at Home” on the Kids Listen Activity Podcast – Listen Now – Right Here.

This tale is about Willowwood and her brother Scritch, who are all stuck inside. But they are not just kids, they are also gnomes! So what do gnomes do for fun? Listen to the episode to find out.

After you listen to the story, you can follow Willowwood and Scritch’s Scavenger Hunt too by downloading and printing the Scavenger Hunt!

And once you’ve followed theirs, maybe you’ll decide to make your own.

Download the PDF of the Scavenger Hunt here.
Download and Print this PDF Scavenger Hunt.

Tools the children will need:

• Sheet or sheets of paper

• Crayons, paints or markers

• Favorite color pencils or graphite

Directions: Create a scavenger hunt like Willowwood and Scritch did in the story for inside or for outside or both! To make it fun, choose some things you aren’t so certain you’ll be able to find, but you PROBABLY could, like a spider or bird’s eggs, just as Willowwood and Scritch did.






And, if Gnomes are your thing –  I have another craft project for you.

Last year, my students became a little obsessed with making these gnomes out of felt and stuffing. It is pretty easy to do, once you have the know how (and so good for those fine motor skills too!).

Click here and we’ll show you how to make them too – Kids Craft Project: Gnome Friends.

Kids Make Wool Felt Gnomes Craft Project on aprileight.com

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