A Leprechaun Tale for St. Paddy’s AND the Real Birdie!

· She is a Real Dog Named Birdie! ·

Mar, 17, 2020

Here she is, the real Birdie! Isn’t she adorable? She’s so scruffy and feisty and she’s also terrified of everything. I just adore her even though, truth be told, she’s even a little afraid of me. She belongs to my dear brother James and his family. Isn’t she cute? She’s here to remind you that I wrote a whole episode about her meeting a leprechaun and you can listen to it right here. It is called “Birdie and the Unexpected Guest“.

Happy St. Paddy’s no matter when you listen.

The real Birdie! I just love this little dog who belongs to my brother. She's very dear to my heart so I wrote "Birdie and the Unexpected Guest" about her meeting a LEPRECHAUN. Happy St. Paddy's Day, folks. https://aprileight.com/2017/03/16/ep-21-birdie-and-the-unexpected-guest/


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