EP 46, “The Lost Fairy Series Story 2: In the Forest du Lutin”

Jan, 29, 2019

Today’s tale is a continuation of our story from Episode 44, “The Lost Fairy Series Story 1, The Tiny Trumpet”. In today’s story, the Fairy Prince and his fairy fellows set out on a journey to find a lost friend. They stop for a rest and run into some pixie problems… A sweet, funny fairytale story for your kids at bath time, bedtime, car time, and family time. 

An excerpt from today’s story: 

“Oh no! It’s raining!” said Geraud in a panic, diving under a leaf to keep his wings dry.

“What do you mean, I”m not getting wet?” said the Prince.

Iris looked up, “That’s not rain, it’s pixies!” she shouted, pointing to the trees above them.

Pixie giggles filled the air. Tee hee hee Tee hee hee…

“Oh, not pixies!” cried the Fairy Prince!

And there, standing on the branches of the tree above the Prince, as naughty as could be, were a dozen little pixies holding buckets of water. And the next thing the fairies knew, they were pouring water all over them.

“I knew landing in the forest du Lutin was a mistake,” sputtered Iris, her delicate purple wings now drenched from the buckets of pixie water. “We can’t fly away with wet wings!”

“Tee heee tee heeee thee heeeeeee!” giggled the pixies. “Fairies are so much fun! We love fairies!”

And the Pixies were so delighted with themselves that they began to sing a little song that went just like this:

“Oh fairies so pretty, oh fairies so wise

But when you get ‘em wet these fairies can’t flies (tee hee hee hee)

Yes they’ll howl and scold us, but what can they do,

For a wee soggy fairy can’t chase after you!

Pixies play tricks! Pixies play pranks!

Pixies Pixies Pixies, Hooray Hooray!  

Tee hee heee heee teee heee hee!”

But the Pixies didn’t quite know who they were dealing with here… this wasn’t just any group of fairies…

If you’d like to hear the story I’m referring to in this story, listen to episode 36: “The Two Sister and the Wolf”. 

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An original Fairytale by April Eight. c2018 All rights reserved. 

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