Celebrating 100,000 Downloads!

Jan, 05, 2019
A fairytale chalkboard drawing of The Star Money. Celebrating 100,000 downloads for the April Eight Songs & Stories Podcast at aprileight.com

Celebrating 100,000 Downloads!

Today The April Eight Songs & Stories Podcast surpassed 100,000 downloads. I am so thrilled! Thank you to my wonderful listeners in 63 countries for listening and listening again to these stories that call to me. I’ve been so busy, I feel that I’ve neglected you, but you have still been there taking in the tales, singing along with the songs, telling your friends about the podcast and sharing it online.

I love being April Eight and I love my podcast, I love my listeners and I love the fairies who whisper these tales into my ear so that I cannot help but tell them to you.

Despite my pokeyness, there are indeed more stories on the way, fear not! But for today, while I celebrate this sweet milestone, I have LARYNGITIS! Can you believe it? I seriously cannot, but oh well. What’s a storyteller to do?

My gratitude goes to my friends at Kids Listen for the moral support for me and my podcast so deeply. These podcasters are the best!

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