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Jun, 20, 2018
Jemi and the Birthday Surprise, Episode 1 of the April Eight Songs & Stories Podcast

The first 3 stories from the April Eight Songs & Stories Podcast all together became The Jemi Series. Listen in and you’ll meet a brave girl and her patient mother (who knew Jemi’s mom knew how to talk to fairies?!), help find a lost crown, and meet some delightfully sweet, funny and mischievous characters along the way. And you might just start playing Zig-Zag Tag with your friends and singing the Fairy Birthday Song at the next birthday celebration. I’ve even given you the guitar tabs for all you musical parents and kids. 😉

Come join the fun!

Part 1, Jemi and the Birthday Surprise

Jemi and the Lost Crown
Part 2, Jemi and the Lost Crown

Part 3: Jemi and the Strawberry Moon


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And for the 2nd Series of Season 1, The Butterfly Adventurer, click right here

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