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Meet Mischievous Mr. Crow

· But for crows, who particularly appreciate the shinier things in life... ·

Jun, 18, 2018

To celebrate my 2 year anniversary of the April Eight Songs & Stories Podcast, I’m looking back at some of the fun we had together with the first stories from the Jemi Series.

All sorts of things happen to the Fairy Prince’s crown  in April Eight Songs & Stories Podcast, “Jemi and the Lost Crown”. One of my characters who makes me laugh in this one is the very mischievous Mr. Crow.  Here is a little excerpt…

Why it was Mr. Crow. And for Mr. Crow, there was nothing in the whole world he admired so much as a nice, shiny fairy crown. For a fairy crown is a thing of glory – rare and tiny and bright, made from 1 part magic, 2 parts sunshine and 3 parts precious gold and gleaming gems.

Forged by dwarves deep in their cavernous workshops under the hawthorn grove and tempered in the fires of Adelynn, it was a masterful thing by any and all standards. But for crows, who particularly appreciate the shinier things in life, it was, well, it was irresistible… “

Now my friends, I didn’t pick a crow as a crown-thief by chance. No, I know a few things about crows, and one of them is, they do indeed like shiny things.

As I poked around as people do, I found an interesting story from the BBC about a little girl named Gabi Mann who has made friends with crows. They bring her all sorts of thoughtful gifts and she gratefully collects them. I don’t believe her neighbors are entirely delighted by it, but I kinda was.

One other little tidbit to share: like swans, crows mate for life. Who knew? So our She-Crow in the story, she’s making quite a big decision there. We’ll find out more about their crow wedding in next week’s story


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