Ep 42: “Story 4: The Two Sisters and the Wolf”

· In the Veiled Valley, An Original Fairytale for Your Family ·

April 3, 2018 0 Comments

This story might remind you of April Eight Songs & Stories Episode 19, "Grammy and the Star Soup" - listen to that one and this one and see how they are alike and how they are different.

The last story of the Two Sisters and the Wolf Series – Two sisters, Sar and Neiva, travel through forests, mountains and now a dense fog to reach the Fairy Ice Skating Ball. Will they make it in time or get lost in the mists? A great fairytale story for your kids at bath time, bedtime, car time, and family time with a sweet, happy ending.

Here is an excerpt from today’s story:

“I suppose this is why folks call this place the Veiled Valley”, said Neiva. “But I think we can make it, sister. We have wolf and wolf can find anything.” Neiva ran her hand through wolf’s thick fur. “Right wolf?” she said. Wolf licked her hand and Sar nodded. Wolf *could* find anything.

Still, Neiva tried not to think of her dream. She didn’t like this mist at all, and she didn’t want her sister to worry. Neiva was worrying enough for both of them…

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An original Fairytale by April Eight. c2018