Ep 39 Song: “Sarah Shining”

Feb, 12, 2018

Episode 39 is a song episode. Today’s song is one of my favorites. Hmmmm, I think I say that every time don’t I? Well my friends, I love to sing. I wrote this song for one of my listeners when she was 6 years old. Well, she must be 12 years old today! This song is about shining with your heart – no matter what!  A great song for your kids at bath time, bedtime, car time, and family time. 


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Sarah Shining by April Eight c 2012

Sarah it’s a lovely day

The wind blows cold and the skies are grey

Even the flowers are hiding away

But who cares for we have you,

Shining through.


Sarah smile for us.

Share the spark that shines from your heart

There’s nothing more that the world could hope for

Than the wonderful girl that is you,

Shining through.


Sarah happy birthday to you

Six years old, so much to be and do

Remember the light that shines in you

Can never go away,

Even on the greyest of days

You’ll shine through

Oh oh

You’ll shine through.

Happy 12th birthday, Sarah.

Today’s episode is part of the All Kinds Of Love podcast series from Kids Listen. You can use the Kids Listen app or go to kids Listen dot org to find quality podcast shows for young listeners on this theme. Like Brains On. Their episode All Kinds of Love episode is about a snail named Sandy who looking for a snail partner who understands her. #AllKindofLove #kidsListen

All songs copyright 2012, April Eight. All rights reserved. 

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