Ep 38 “Story 2: The Two Sisters and the Wolf”

· Story Two ·

Feb, 12, 2018

A great story for your kids at bath time, bedtime, car time, and family time… and I also mention Kids Listen friend Brains On in this episode. #AllKindsOfLove

Here is an excerpt from today’s story:

The fairy sisters left the pixies far behind as they followed their wolf through the ancient snowy forest until it began to thin out and grow steeper. Haukka scouted up ahead. She called down to let them know that they were coming to the foothills of the mountains. The Mountains of Way Over There they were called, but the girls always thought of them as the Mountains of the Giants. They avoided them if they could. For giants had lived in these snowy peaks for uncountable centuries and giants well, they weren’t always friendly.

As they hiked, the sisters could see a small village in the distance where gray smoke wsa curling up from stone chimneys to join the gray of the winter sky. Villagers often told tales of these giants as they sat around their fires at night. Oh, for giants are great fearsome creatures who rule their territories with such strength that all who pass through their mountains never ventured off the High Road, the one and only road that lead through these peaks. To wander off the High Road, well, that was just not done, for the price, oh the price, it was was much too terrible to pay. For giants in general were not, let us say, flexible thinkers. And the least flexible thinker of all was the Giant King himself, who loved his mountains and all of his animals that lived within their rolling borders.  l, the price paid for such a venture was very steep, much steeper than the mountains themselves. For if you broke the rules and were caught, well, you might forever be a servant to the Giant King. Perhaps if you lived in the mountain’s village you were safe, but a stranger, oh no. Don’t go off the road!

And so the sisters and the wolf stayed on the High Road. It was long and winding as it swooped up steep mountain slopes and down long narrow ridges. The steady foot of the wolf never slipped, never stumbled. And these Earth fairies, they too walked with sure feet that no human possessed…

An original Fairytale by April Eight. © 2018

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