Ep. 34 Story 2: The Which Witch and the Goblin

· Story 2: Great Goblin Hall ·

Nov, 30, 2017

The Witch Witch and the Goblin Stories on the April Eight Songs & Stories Podcast. A shy goblin turns to a tricky witch for help... aprileight.com

A shy young goblin looks for help from the dreaded Which Witch and her cat Jinxy to speak before the Goblin Council at the Great Goblin Gathering on Halloween night. A great story for your kids at bath time, bedtime, car time, and family time.

Here is an excerpt from today’s story:

“You must have been pretty desperate to come to my door,” said the Which Witch.  “What were you hoping I would do for you, Gilbert Goblin? Create a magical spell that would give you the courage to speak before the Great Goblin Gathering?”

Gilbert nodded. For the great Goblin Gathering was a night when every goblin stood before the whole goblin assembly and bragged about all the gobliny things they have done over the course of a long year. But Gilbert, being a very shy, rather nervous little goblin, was terrified to even stand before the goblin hordes all alone, let alone brag about his deeds.

The Which Witch tried to use her immense powers of imagination to imagine Gilbert standing in front of the hall, confidently boasting about all that he had done that year. Even she, the conjuror or conjurors, couldn’t see it. Well, not yet, anyway… Hmmmm….

“Tell me your goblin deeds, Gilbert,” the Which Witch said, “Let’s make a list. It will make it easier when it is your turn to speak at the Goblin Gathering. You’ll have all of the gobliny things you’ve done all year long practiced in your head. Go ahead, dear. Go ahead… what have you done? ” The Witch pulled a paper and a quill from her desk drawer, dipped it in blackberry ink and readied herself to take down Gilbert’s long list of Goblin deeds.

“Um, OK. Um…. yesterday I, I, I, I  helped a snail across a busy road. And, uh, I um, I found a woman’s hat in the lane so I, well, I put it on her front porch so she would find it. Oh, and I, I, I, I closed someone’s mailbox when it was raining in on their letters. And I also, well, I carried a baby squirrel up into the tree when he fell out of his nest.”

“Oh Gilbert!” moaned the Which Witch. “This is terrible! These are not goblin deeds! These are good deeds! What are you thinking?  You’ve been too kind, too helpful and too, thoughtful. This is dreadful! You are supposed to make things harder for others, not easier!!” she shook her head, “ What kind of goblin are you? Oh my oh my. The Goblin Council will not be happy.” The Which Witch shook her head in despair.

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