Ep. 32 Story 1: The Which Witch and the Goblin

· A Little Story about Gilbert Goblin ·

Oct, 25, 2017

The Witch Witch and the Goblin Stories on the April Eight Songs & Stories Podcast. A shy goblin turns to a tricky witch for help... aprileight.com

Now some of my friends and fellow podcasters at Kids Listen are telling Halloween stories too –Just for kids like you! My pal David at Sparkle Stories is sharing a story all about the Teal Pumpkin Project and two best friends who love to go Trick or Treating together only one of them has a food allergy. What will they do? GO find out on the Sparkle Stories Podcast.  And a great place to listen to carefully curated podcast just for kids is on the Kids Listen app. Find it on iTunes. Hooray.

Now for Today’s Story:

The Which Witch was alone. Of course, that’s just the way she liked it. Ah, solitude. Time to think, time to experiment, time to reread her favorite book, Poisons, Potions, and Perceptions. She was alone for now, but someone was coming to find her. She could feel him on his way. Someone small. Someone confused and worried too. But isn’t that how almost everyone who came to visit the Which Witch felt? No one ever WANTED to visit the Which Witch, so when she did have a visitor, they were usually feeling pretty desperate.

For the Which Witch’s powers: her strength, her magic, her intelligence and her intuition were known far and wide. Everyone feared her, for the conjuring and trickery she could do was beyond the understanding of almost everyone – gnomes, fairies, woodland creatures, pixies and, of course, humans, – were all bedazzled and alarmed by her potent witchcrafting. And what folks don’t understand, well, it scares them sometimes, doesn’t it? Was she a good witch? Was she a bad witch? Who’s to say? She wasn’t called the Which Witch for nothing. You never knew which witch you’d get when you knocked upon her door, so few people ever did unless…

…The Which Witch’s keen ears picked up the quietest little tap upon her door, so quiet that it sounded like the knock of someone who really didn’t want the witch to even hear it, so quiet was it that it made the Which Witch chuckled to herself. (CHUCKLE)

“I can hear you, little goblin. Oh, I can hear you.”

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