Ep 31 Season 4 Launch! “Gnomes Are Short Song”

Oct, 19, 2017

Ep 31 Season 4 Launch Gnomes Are Short on the April Eight Songs & Stories Podcast at aprileight.com

The Which Witch is here and Gilbert Goblin stopped by to sing with me The Merry Gnomes Song – “Gnomes are Short” a fun song in the round and a fun podcast episode for your kids at bath time, bedtime, car time and family time.

Hello my friends, and welcome to Season 4 of the April Eight Songs & Stories Podcast. Oh, I know, I have been away too, too long, but instead of writing stories I’ve been doing all sorts of things to make listening to my April Eight Songs and Stories podcast easier for you and your family. For one thing, I built a whole new website all by myself, which was a little harder than I expected. But it is done now, so go look at it and tell me what you think. It is still at aprileight.com – and that eight is always spelled out, e-i-g-h-t.

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Alright, down to business. I have a silly song to share with you that I learned from my music teacher friend Ms.  Biederman. It goes like this…

The Merry Gnomes Round – “Gnomes Are Short”

Hi ho cried the merry gnomes

It is off to the woods we (x) are (x)

We’d like to stay but time is ( x  x)  short


Now this is a song that is good to sing with a few friends because, if you do, you can sing it in the ROUND. I invited two of my friends to come in and sing with me.

Dear Listeners, do you remember the Which Witch from Episode 14 of The Fairy Queen and the Three Brothers series? Well, since it is almost Halloween, I thought it would be nice to invite my favorite Witch over to sing with me. How lucky am I that she said yes?

Come back next week and find out what happens when the Which Witch meets Gilbert, our little goblin friend here. It is a Halloween Fairytale story episode….

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    Catherine Falknor

    April 6, 2020

    Thank you for these. I’m online trying to get suggestions for songs during this time while schools are closed and we’re trying to share things by audio.

    • Reply


      May 31, 2020

      I’m so glad to help anyone looking for a song these days! Take care, Catherine. I hope all is well.

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