Ep. 26 A Little Minute About Donuts

· Happy National Donut Day! ·

Jun, 01, 2017

Peace Love and Donuts on the April Eight Songs & Stories Podcast at aprileight.com

Now a few years ago I was teaching at a summer camp. I called it April Eight Songs for Peace Camp and the camp kids and I would write songs together all week. We would brainstorm all of our ideas about Peace on the first day of camp and then we would use that big list we made to write songs from all week.And we would also do other stuff like make crafts and do yoga and hike and stuff. It was really fun.

There was this one day that was hot and sticky and everyone was having fun making crafts and playing games but well, they weren’t really in the mood to write a song. The thing was, we had a performance to put on for their moms and dads in a few days so I said, WHAT DO YOU WANT TO WRITE A SONG ABOUT?

They thought and they thought and they drew and they painted but they didn’t have any ideas for a song. And then, well, I think they all got hungry. And because they were hungry, they started talking about what they really liked to eat. And once someone mentioned DONUTS, well, it was all over. That was the only thing anyone could talk about.

So, I said, “Hey, let’s write a song about donuts!”

And they said, “CAN WE REALLY DO THAT?”

And I’m like, “When you are a songwriter, you get to write about whatever you want.”

And so we did. And their families thought that the kids’ donut song was the very best song of all. This song was written, with a little help from me, by a group of kids ages 6-11. They named their band PEACE LOVE AND DONUTS and this song is called “The Donut Song”. I hope you like it.

“The Donut Song”

by April Eight and Peace, Love and Donuts

We could write a song about peace,

we could write a song about friendship,

we could write a song about freedom,

but we want to sing about donuts!…

We like donuts with sprinkles and chocolate icing

Custard in the middle!

Ew, that’s totally disgusting.

We could sing a song about compromise

We could sing a song about hamsters

We could sing a song about serenity

But we want to sing about donuts.

We like donuts, they’re yummy with glaze and powdered sugar

Cinnamon and chocolate

For breakfast lunch and dinner

We could sing song about nonviolence

We could songs about inner wisdom

But donuts make the world go round

That’s why we sing about DONUTS.

Happy National Donut Day!

Bah bad dah!

Fiddle Faddle Fee – that’s a little minute with me.

Now next week I’ll have TWO, YES TWO, episodes of the April Eight Songs & Stories Podcast for you because, guess what, it will be the ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY of my podcast. And there is almost nothing in the world I am more proud and pleased about than sharing these stories I’ve written with all of you, and so I’m ready to celebrate. And I hope you’ll join me and tell your friends too!

April Eight has been cited as an expert by the Download on Podcasting. How fancy is that?

© 2017 April Eight “The Donut Song” was written by April Eight and Peace Love and Donuts, © 2013 all rights reserved.

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