Ep. 24 Quinn Quillow, Story Catcher – Story 1

· How Do You Catch a Story? ·

Apr, 26, 2017

Quinn Quillow, Storycatcher on the April Eight Songs & Stories Podcast at aprileight.com

I’d like you to meet Quinn Quillow, walking through the Three Kingdoms of Greenbriar, catching stories as he goes. He is a fool of the old fashion kind, wide open to the beauty of the world around him, a listener, a dreamer and a collector of tales. He’ll be spinning tales and singing songs all through May and June here at the April Eight Songs & Stories Podcast. Let’s see how he goes about catching tales, my friends….

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Here is an excerpt from today’s story:

… And who do you think that was? Well, mighty fine indeed, it was a wandering minstrel, sometimes called a fool. And since the month was April, well, he must be an April Fool, hows about that?

Now I know I know, these days calling someone a fool will get you in all sorts of trouble, but back in those days, well, it was just a bit different. A fool is what you might call someone who was a teller of jokes, a singer of songs, a storyteller. Why, they are delightfully fun folk to have around, if you can find one. Which you almost never can. For they are rare, rare indeed although, here in the Three Kingdoms of Greenbriar there are more than the usual amount, truth be told. For the three Kingdoms of Greenbriar, well some call it the Land of Fairytales, is where these Fools come, looking for songs and stories, enough to share and sing and tell to folks far and wide across the land and then they can come back and get some more. For stories and songs want to be told, but if no one takes them out of the Kingdoms of Greenbriar, well, not many would hear them. But how do these storytelling folks come by these songs and stories they tell in the three Kingdoms of Greenbriar? Well, my friends, you are about to find out.

Now our friend the fool, whose name was really Quinn Quillow, was resting on an old stone wall along the ancient road from Fimby to LeeBrook deep in Hawthorn Grove. Quinn was wearing what he always wore, a scarlet cap and a yellow jacket with golden buttons (given to him as a gift from a king for a story well told.) Quinn was also wearing a smile upon his face…

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Now this story references a few other stories, including the brief return of the character Brizbane the Conquerer from Episode 6, “Thom and the Goblins“.

Listeners, do you remember what other story Brizbane showed up in when he wasn’t with Thom?


Thank you for listening to the April Eight Songs & Stories Podcast. If you’ve been enjoying these tales, please let me know. I’d love to hear from you – you can leave a comment below, on Facebook or send me an email. And come be my friend on instagram.com/aprileightsongsandstories where all I have so much fun. Or, leave a review on your favorite podcast venue and let other parents know you the value these stories have brought to your family. Spreading the word is the nicest thing you could do for this podcast. xoxo!


All songs, stories, and illustrations are copyrighted by me, ©April Eight 2017. It is my favorite thing to do!  (Except today, My Lady Spring, a traditional poem set to song passed down through oral tradition lo these many years.)



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