Welcome to Episode 23 of the April Eight Songs & Stories Podcast. Today’s Episode is called, A Little Minute About Birthdays! On today’s episode, we talk about birthdays birthdays birthdays. So whether yours is soon or way far away, I think you’ll find some fun things to think about in this episode. 

For not only is it my birthday month, it is the month of APRIL, my favorite month of the year. And there is quite a noisy thunderstorm happening while I am recording, and my nervous little dog Roxie, well, she has a few things to say about that. 

I tell you about how birthdays are celebrated in my family and I share a little story about how extreme some people I know are about celebrating their own birthday. And we sing the Fairy Birthday Song from Jemi and the Strawberry Moon. Have you heard that one yet? If you haven’t, I’d start at Jemi and the Birthday Surprise, because you won’t understand Episode 3 if you haven’t heard Episode 1 and 2 before it. 

The lyrics for the Fairy Birthday Song by April Eight ©2016

Birthday, birthday, today is your special day.

Birthday, birthday, today is your special day.

The years are as nothing for the world turns on and on

But today is your birthday everyone sing along!

Birthday, birthday, today is your special day.

Birthday, birthday, today is your special day.

We celebrate you and all the things that you do,

You are wonderful in every way. You get better with every day!

Birthday, birthday, today is your special day.

Birthday, birthday, today is your special day…

And I also share with you a poem that I wrote about the month of April, when Winter says goodbye and Spring says hello. It is called April Appears. 


April Appears, by April Eight ©2016

April appears but for one month a year, Breezing in on the season’s changing Splashing in through rain puddles Slogging through deep mud. Flying in on the wings of songbirds Rolling in like the rivers flooding. Peeping through the pink magnolias budding Smiling like tulips in the sun. Rest awhile and rejoice, for Spring has finally come.

Fiddle faddle fee – that’s a little minute with me.

Come back next time and I’ll tell you a story right here on the April Eight Songs & Stories Podcast. I can’t wait!

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