We Had Fun with You on FBLive!

Hello my Friends! What fun we had last night on our Facebook Live “Stay Up Late with April Eight” Party. We sang and we laughed and I told you a little story about April Fool’s Day when I was a little kid.

Oh, I forgot to mention in the video, that amazing (!!) wallpaper behind me is by my genius sister, Karen Combs, of Nama Rococo wallpaper. How lucky am I to have that gift in my dining room?

Here are some of the fun things we talked about last night:

The Pixie Peddler from Thom and the Golden Butterfly.

Brizbane, the Conquerer! He makes me laugh!

Meggie and Felix and the Snowy Little Minute” – their mom is named Beatrice Bunny AND in “Birdie and the Unexpected Guest,” I ALSO gave Grammy the name Beatrix! Can you believe me? Oh my goodness!

The words to “My Lady Spring” are:

“My Lady Spring is dressed in green,
She wears a primrose crown,
And all the baby buds and twigs
Are clinging to her gown;
The sun shines when she laughs at all,
But when she cries the raindrops fall.
My Lady Spring. My Lady Spring!”

If you want to know about the next Stay Up Late with April Eight, come on over and “Like” my April Eight Songs & Stories Facebook Page and I’ll keep you posted.

Enjoy this fine Spring day, or Autumn, depending on where in the world you are. xooxxo!

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