20 Episodes of April Eight Podcast!

Today I’m celebrating my 20th Episode of the April Eight Songs & Stories Podcast. What a thrilling journey it has been so far, and I know I’ve just begun. I couldn’t have done any of it without you, my dear Wonderfuls, and I am so grateful and thrilled to have you here with me, listening and sharing. The love in my heart for you dear people as I create and tell these tales is REAL and I hope that you can hear it in my voice.

It has been fun to see my listenership GROW and GROW in every part of the globe: USA, Europe, Asia, Australia, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, you get the picture…

If your children are fans of the show, please send me a little message below! I’d love to hear how your family listens to the A8 podcast. I’m going to start doing a monthly Featured Listener because: 1. FUN and 2. so I can meet my people and 3. <3! Let me know if your littles or bigs would like to be featured on this blog.

“My Kid would ROCK the Featured Listener” interest and/or “How We Listen” feedback.

And if you’d like to get special exclusive April Eight content in your inbox, sign-up now for the newsletter!


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