Ep 20 Sander and the Lost Giant

· Another Sander Story ·

Mar, 03, 2017

Sander and the Lost Giant on the April Eight Songs & Stories Podcast at aprileight.com

Twenty fairytale stories written, narrated and illustrated and shared with you, dear Wonderfuls – that’s a lot. And I have so many new ideas and characters to create and share that I can’t help but cheer. Hooray!

In today’s episode our friend Sander, who we met last week in Episode 19, “Grammy and the Star Soup“, goes out on his own snowy adventure, this time with his dog Birdie.

Here is an excerpt:

The clouds overhead had been snowing all morning and the Snowflake Fairies voices could be heard calling, “Come out and Play!”  Sander had heard their calls from the window of his Grammy’s house as he’d watched them fall, giggling and laughing, doing somersaults and backflips and sparkling like they do. He asked his sister Arwen to come out in the snow with him, but she was far too busy reading her favorite book, The Secret Garden, to even look up at him. She just shook her head and murmured (something indiscernible). And his little sister Sage, well she was helping Grammy bake bread – her favorite thing to do. Sage was really too little to play into the wilds of the forest without an adult anyway. And so, Sander finally decided to go out on his own with Birdie as his guide, out into the glittering wonder of snow to see what the world looked like under this fresh blanket of delight.

“Don’t go too far into the forest, Mr. Sander. Leave that for the giants.” Grammy had laughed as he headed out the door. She didn’t think he’d get into too much trouble. All the bears were hibernating….

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All songs, stories, and illustrations are copyrighted by me, ©April Eight 2017. It is my favorite thing to do!

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