Grammy and the Star Soup

Welcome to Episode 19 of the April Eight Songs & Stories Podcast. Today’s episode is called “Grammy and the Star Soup”.

"Grammy and the Star Soup" Episode 19 of the April Eight Songs & Stories Podcast. Listen Today at

In today’s episode, oh, those kids, they won’t go to sleep. But Grammy has a story to tell them, and it’s a real “doozy’. That is old-fashioned for ‘a good one’. 

Listen to Grammy and the Star Soup Now.

Here is an excerpt from today’s story…

Under the starry night sky, in a village just below the foothills of the mountains of Way Over There, where the snowflake fairies nap in drifts that rise to the knees of the humble giants who roam those mountain ranges, there sits a wee cottage on the corner of Yesterday and Tomorrow.

And what a lovely little cottage it is too. With a thatched roof and snowy eaves, gingerbread bread shutters and pretty curtains hanging in the windows. And if you peaked in those windows on this particular night, well, you know what you might see? Grammy with her knitting on her knee, sitting in her rocking chair before a bright, warm fire. And at her feet, her dear little grandchildren, snug in their pajamas.

Hmmm, now, what is that they are saying? Just a second, let me listen….

Oh, of course. They are asking for one more story, as children so often do.

“Grammy please, please, please! Tell us the one about the bear!” Sander was saying.

“Oh, no, don’t tell us that one! That one scares me!” said Sage.

And then their older sister Arwen laughed, “Well then, what do you want to hear, scaredy cat?”

“I am NOT a scaredy cat!” said Sage. “I just don’t…

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See you next time!

All songs, stories and illustrations are copyrighted by me,© April Eight 2017.

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