Meggie & Felix and the Snowy Little Minute

Welcome to Episode 18 of the April Eight Songs & Stories Podcast! I’m so excited about this one because it makes me giggle – I just love my little Felix. Maybe because, just like him, I’m a younger sibling myself. Today’s story is called Meggie & Felix and the Snowy Little Minute.

"Meggie & Felix and the Snowy Little Minute" from April Eight Songs & Stories Podcast Winter Season

Listen to Episode 18, “Meggie and Felix and the Snowy Little Minute” now!

Now you might be wondering what a “little minute” is. Well, I gotta tell you, it is an expression that I’ve used forever but I really don’t know if anyone else does. When I say, “I’ll be there in a little minute,” people have always looked at me like “What’s a ‘little minute’?” So, I’ll tell you what I mean when I say it: It means, a short amount of time but I don’t exactly know how long it will be. Have you ever heard anyone else who says “a little minute”? If you do, let me know. I’d love to know that I’m not alone. Or maybe I am. Either way, I like my ‘little minute’ and I’m not giving it up.

Download the song from this week’s episode right here or here.

Here is an excerpt from today’s story:

Meggie was in a snit. She was so upset she checked her reflection in a frozen puddle to make sure that steam wasn’t actually pouring out of her long floppy ears. The cold wind whistled through her whiskers as she hopped along the snowy path to the edge of the woods that lead down to the ice-covered pond. All the little Borough bunnies in their long winter fur and woolen mittens were skating and giggling. Today was the day – everyone was there. All but Meggie.

Oh, and Felix.

“Felix! Come on, slow-pokity-poke,” She called to her baby brother Felix. Felix was hopping along behind her in her tracks trying so hard to stay out of the deep snow that was up to his nose. Which wasn’t that deep really, for our Felix was not a very big little bunny. He shivered with cold all the way from his wee pink bunny nose to his soft cottony bunny tail. All little Felix wanted to do was go back home and curl up in the fuzzy wonder of their burrow with his Mama.

But their Mama, Mrs. Beatrix Bunny, had asked Meggie to bring him along to the ice skating party so that she could clean their winter burrow in peace. And so, here little Felix was, fumbling through the snow, with icicles starting to form in all the places where his warm bunny breath steamed up to touch his long white whiskers. The blue woolen scarf his mother had knit for him was carefully tucked up under his chin. Still, it was of little use against the chilly wind that blew off the icy pond and into his big brown eyes…

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Did you catch my poetry reference from the Snowflakes episode in the Snowy Little Minute?

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