It Just Didn’t Work!


Well, my Facebook Live was a bit of a technical disaster! I can’t believe it. This sort of thing never happens to me. I’m pretty good with the tech side of things, but I dunno, cyberspace was freaking out on Saturday night, and even though Facebook SAID I was Live, I wasn’t. Then I tried again, but lost my connection a few minutes in.

So, that said, I’m sorry! I wanted to be with your kids and you and have fun and sing and play. If you have any techy suggestions, I’ll take them. And I truly apologize to anyone who had a disappointed, tired children. I know how that can be. If it makes you feel better, I was a disappointed kid too.

Well, I decided to make a few recordings of what I’d planned to share on my Facebook Live (that wasn’t Live). Find it all over on my Instagram page. I love Instagram, so if you aren’t following me there, come on over and join in with all the fun we are having together with the April Eight friends.

The Theme of my Facebook Live was “Shining!” and so, I sang Sara Shining, and “This Little Light of Mine” – I made this version for Instagram…

And I also told a funny little story about the day that Roxie took herself out to a restaurant. Ha ha ha! #truestory

Tomorrow I will be wrapping up the writing of two stories – one for this week and one for next for the April Eight Songs & Stories Podcast. That means I will have a brand new Winter podcast story out to you before Friday.

I’m pretty excited about these new stories. And oh, how I love to write them for you. It is the most fun thing I do. Well, besides singing. Thank goodness I don’t have to choose!

If you haven’t heard the latest story from the April Eight Songs & Stories Podcast, find it right here. And if you’ve heard that one, but not the others, start right here. Be sure not to miss The Butterfly Adventurer stories. I love my Thom Gnome!

Snuggle up and tune in. A lovely way to end the day.


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