April Ate: I Know She Wants My Popcorn

I know she wants my popcorn - why popcorn is a great snack! aprileight.com

We love popcorn in this house. We make it all the time for snacks, for dessert and sometimes my teenagers even make it for lunch. They can’t seem to hear my “eat some vegetables too!” over the sound of the popcorn popping.

But whenever we make it, it is always a good choice. Organic popcorn (non-GMO) is a healthy whole grain, pretty cheap in the whole scheme of things, and can be made sweet or savory by the toppings added.

Nine-times-out-of-ten we go with a generous tablespoon or 3 of nutritional yeast, which adds a nice dose of some Vitamin Bs, thrown on top of the melted butter and a generous sprinkling of salt.

Sometimes I go for sweet and melt some honey into coconut oil or butter with a dash of cinnamon. Lately, I’ve been enjoying some delicious  Mocha Hazelnut CocoGhee poured on and then add a dash or two of salt. Mmmmmmm… That’s when popcorn becomes a healthy dessert.

We make our popcorn in an air-popper. It is great because there is no real cleanup (I love that) and no added fats until we pour on the butter or coconut oil and no chemicals (microwave popcorn, I am looking at you).

Roxie always hopes we’ll spill some on the floor. We usually “accidentally” do.

What do you put on your popcorn? Does anyone else eat it for lunch? !!



3 thoughts on “April Ate: I Know She Wants My Popcorn

  1. Two of my classmates die over popcorn. It’s like if you drop even one of yours, they’ll make you feel so pathetic about yourself, for wasting it!
    I’m not a fanatic, but yeah, because of them, all our class parties had caramelized popcorn, candied popcorn etc.
    I even made a KitKat popcorn garden for my friend as a surprise (cause she’s against people giving flowers, she hates it, and cause she loves popcorn) . It looked beautiful! I coloured the popcorn and everything.


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