April Eight Makes Best of 2016!

April Eight

First Grader Depiction of April Eight in Action!

What a thrill! It was such a treat to discover my work included on the “The Best Kids Podcasts of 2016” list for the April Eight Songs & Stories Podcast. And I love what Kids Listen cohort and Alien Adventures of Finn Caspian creator Johnathan Messinger, said about April Eight too:

“My theory about podcasters is that they all have one secret weapon that they bring to their podcast that sets them apart. For April Eight, it’s her gorgeous singing voice, which can be heard at the beginning of every episode. But this story is also really fun, sort of like Wind in the Willows with a little fairy magic thrown in.”

And what a great list! You cannot go wrong here, folks! I could go on and on, but why don’t you go on over to Medium and just read the list for yourself. I mean, I’d write it up for you, but I’m so busy finding out about how to make paint on But Why? (and admiring the beautiful whistling in the intro!), listening to Tumble Science Podcast’s kids’ questions about bats (I might need to write a bat into a story, they are so cool) and rocking out to EarSnacks so hard, that I’ll have to leave you to your own resources. 😉

More on the April Eight Songs & Stories Podcast can be found right here… 

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