The End of the Saga:”The Fairy Queen and the Three Brothers – The Woodsman”

Welcome to Episode 16 of the April Eight Songs & Stories Podcast. Today’s story is the end of the tale I’ve been telling for the whole Autumn Season, and this one is called  “The Fairy Queen and the 3 Brothers – Story 5 – The Woodsman”.

"The Fairy Queen and the 3 Brothers, Story 5, The Woodsman" on the April Eight Songs & Stories Podcast at Fairytale Folk for all-ages

Our fairy queen, now forgotten by all who once knew her, makes a happy new life for herself in the forest. But the rest of the kingdom is falling apart without her! And you’ll never believe who comes to the rescue.. 

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Here is an excerpt from today’s story:

And so the lost fairy queen who couldn’t remember she was a queen, and the Woodsman lived, side by side, in the sunlit clearing in the woods. And, I am happy to tell you, they did indeed grow to love each other very much. For the woodsman pointed out the birds who sang the lost fairy’s favorite songs and he taught her how to find and name the constellations of the stars in the night sky. He delighted in making her fine feasts from the bountiful forest that stood in majesty all around them. The Woodsman was a good man who often played a little song on his wooden flute as he went about his work. And best of all, he could always make her laugh.

And for her part, the lost fairy queen was a thoughtful friend and confidant to the Woodsman. She put her heart into everything that she did, be it cooking or sewing or tending their garden. And all who came to know her in her little house in the sunlit clearing in the woods, found her to be most wise and good, kind and intelligent. Soon enough, whenever there was a problem, all the locals came straight to our lost fairy queen for advice. She created joy and peace wherere’ she went and everyone called her a delightful delight. Quickly word spread throughout the entire kingdom about this mysterious wise woman and people began to flock to her for her good counsel and kind-hearted wisdom when they needed help.

Each night the Woodsman blessed the fates that brought this sweet lost fairy into his life, and each day the fairy queen was filled with gratitude to have found such a dear companion as her fine Woodsman.

But beyond the sun-lite clearing, out in the rest of the kingdom, things were not so rosy…

If you would like to start at the very beginning of this tale, well, it all begins with Under the Great Willow Tree.

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Thank you for listening. If you’ve been enjoying these Fairy Queen and the 3 Brothers stories, let me know. I’d love to hear from you – you can leave a comment below, on Facebook or send me an email. Or, leave a review on your favorite podcast venue and let everyone know. Spreading the word is a lovely thing to do.❤

And… Happy New Year! I hope you have a lovely New Year’s Eve tonight. xoxoxo!



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