5 Kids Holiday Ornaments to Buy and Make


Well, the Holiday Season is officially here and the first thing I start thinking about is all the fun decorating. I don’t always DO a lot of holiday decorating, but I certainly think about it!

Of course, the one thing that always gets done is the Christmas tree. Tree ornaments are such a personal thing. I never want  my Christmas tree to look just like the ones at my favorite shops, no matter how beautiful they are. Our tree is a living history of all of our Christmases spent together as a family. It is covered in the carefully curated ornaments we’ve bought together, made together, been given together. And a few more that I’ll tell you about on Sunday.

There was a time in my life when my dear daughters were little and they would go to some crafty holiday party and come home with a gluey, styrofoamy, punchcut “ornament” that they had scribble scrabbles all over. This was hard for me – a sort of personal aesthetic assault handed to me by my smiling child. But we’d hang it on the tree and that was that. As a mom, sometimes I had to get over myself and my decorating standards for the joy on my children’s faces while they admire their work against the sparkling lights of the tree.

To save you the nightmare, I’ve found some lovely holiday ornaments to buy or to make with your kids this year. Have a look and let me know what you think.


I love this little felt birds ornament project from Purl Soho. I do think that even a young child could sew these up – they wouldn’t be as perfect as this adult-made version, but I’m certain that they would have a unique child-like quality that would make them beautiful. Download directions on the Purl Bee blog or order the kit with supplies enough to make 16 birds shipped to you from Purl Soho, one of the most inspiring spots on the web.



This Lump of Coal totally cracked me up! You know I am a fan of the sister-crafter team at Mixie Studio already, but this Lump of Coal ornament is one of my favorite things. You can buy this little fellow or one of his friends at the Mixie Studio online shop..


I love these simple handmade personalized ornaments from Annie Walsh at BlueLeaf Boutique on Etsy. Very sweet, don’t you think, with the child’s name and birth year on them?


This next one is a good idea for last minute decorating or a keep-the-kids-busy crafting project. You buy the raw materials, these handmade paper mache eggs, and then get out those markers or crayons, paints or glitter glue and go crazy with your kids making beautiful personal paper ornaments that you can hang on your tree year after year. These ship from Spain (expect delivery to take about a week) from Otven so order now. A great last minute holiday gift too, right?


And I wouldn’t be a Waldorf teacher if I didn’t suggest these felted Walnut Christmas Ornaments, now would I? Handmade in Oregon by House of Moss. Shop owner Alison Comfort Bay has a lovely array of wool garlands too and cute little “terrarium” necklaces that any 8-year-old girl might swoon over. Have a look.

Of course, if you are looking for a great gift for an 8-year old girl, or any kid really, I cannot recommend highly enough the April Eight Snowflake Fairy Color-Me Long-Sleeve t-shirt. Get it in a special package that also includes my “Songs for a Magical Winter” CD and a handmade pom-pom and snow. But that’s just me…

Do you have a favorite family ornament craft project or online store for special one-of-a-kind ornaments?


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