The Fairy Queen and the 3 Brothers – Story 3 – The Which Witch

Welcome to Episode 14 of the April Eight Songs & Stories Podcast. Today’s story is “The Fairy Queen and the 3 Brothers – Story 3”.

Welcome to Episode 14 of the April Eight Songs & Stories Podcast. Today's story is

On today’s episode, I tell you the story of Pell, the oldest brother, and how he goes out into the woods to see if he can meet the Which Witch to ask for a potion that will help him foil the Fairy Queen. All the villagers will tell you, if you are foolish enough to go and see her, you would never know which witch you’ll get when you knocked on her door. Oh my! Which witch will Pell meet? (Don’t worry, this is not too scary for the littles.)

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Here is an excerpt from today’s tale:

Who could make such a potion you ask? Well, this is not a bad question, is it?

Pell knew where to go.

Out in the woods not too too far from the palace gates lived a witch of much renown. She was a good witch, she was a bad witch, it just depended on which witch you’d get when you knocked on the door on a given day. In fact, the people of the villages all around called her the Which Witch because, as I say, you never knew which witch you’d get when you visited her. There were stories, oh my friends, there were stories. I can’t go into them today. Perhaps another time. But the Which Witch was a trick one, and not many people wanted to deal with her. Pell was terribly brave, or terribly foolish to deal with her. You can decide at the end of the story which one.

When the brothers had first made their bet to see who could bring down the fairy queen, Pell’s mind went straight to this Which Witch. She had the magic to trick the whole kingdom, but could he trust her. If he went to her, Which Witch would he get. He lay awake at night trying to decide if he should go to her or not. A potion seemed like the very best way to win. Pell decided it was worth it. And so, soon after the bet was made, Pell slipped away from his brother who had heads full of their own schemes and dreams, and followed the path he’d heard about since he was a child. He might have been trembling in his shoes, or maybe it was just a chill in the wind that set his teeth rattling even in this fine Autumn day.

So down the path he walked, through the woods and meadows, along the streams and through the pastures, until he came to the rowan tree with the X carved upon it, just as had been described by the villagers on cold nights when their fires crackled and hissed and they entertained each other with Which Witch tales…

If you would like to start at the very beginning of this tale, well, it all begins with Under the Great Willow Tree.

Thank you for listening. If you’ve been enjoying these Fairy Queen and the 3 Brothers stories, let me know. I’d love to hear from you – you can leave a comment below, on Facebook or send me an email. Or, leave a review on your favorite podcast venue and let everyone know. Spreading the word is a lovely thing to do. ❤

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I will have two more episodes of The Fairy Queen and the 3 Brothers story coming soon for you and your littles. Thanks again for your patience. I’m glad you are here and I love writing for you, dear ones. xooxoxxooxoxox!

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