Children and Courage


Hi Dear Ones, This week I’ve been thinking a lot about inner wisdom, inner fortitude – doing my own work in service to the world instead of taking what others are creating and trying to work from that. Only I bring what I bring, only you bring what you bring. It must be important because here we all are.

I wrote this song a few years ago with my After-School Songwriters – an amazing group of kids from 2nd-5th grade at a public school here in Cincinnati. I brought the topic of courage and we brainstormed our understanding of what real courage is and why we might need it. Maybe these children can school us adults on what having courage truly means.

My favorite line, “Courage takes trust in yourself to be great.” More about that, here.

“A Little Courage” by April Eight and the After-School Songwriters at Fairview-Clifton School

When you feel scared
When you feel small,
When you feel like you don’t know anything at all.
When you feel alone, or a little nervous,
What you need is courage.

Courage. Courage. Sometimes in life, you need a little courage.

Courage takes work
Courage takes strength
Courage takes trust in yourself to be great.
If you find yourself in a sticky situation,
You might need some courage.

Courage. Courage. Sometimes in life, you need a little courage.

©April Eight 2013

Here is a little more on how the kids and I go about writing our songs.

Courage After School session Lyric writing

The April Eight Songs & Stories Podcast will come roaring back to life this weekend as we come to find out just what happens as Pell tries his hand at bringing down the Fairy Queen. Let’s just say, he can’t do it alone and so he goes to find some help from a very interesting character…

If you haven’t heard the first few episodes in this story, well come on over and get a running start. The April Eight Songs and Stories Podcasts are available here, on iTunes, Soundcloud, GooglePlay, Stitcher and more. Those links on the right will also take you right there.

And I also want to thank you, dear people, for your patience as I helped my husband in his run for judge in last Tuesday’s election. He didn’t win his seat, but I’d still call him a winner. I couldn’t be more proud of him and what he achieved. We met so many amazing people, gained new friends and closer relationships with old ones and dang if we didn’t learn a lot about ourselves too. Whew! Onward.

Also, I want to let you know that I’m beginning a special new series on FacebookLive, “Stay Up Late with April Eight” starting this month. I’ll be telling stories and singing songs at around 8PM EST on Saturdays once a month. Come on over to Facebook and Like my page so you will always know when they are happening. It is going to be a little Saturday night party with special guests and all sorts of  joy I’ve been cooking up for awhile. What is better than some sweet fun for your littles on a Saturday night? xoxoxo!!!


My girls on the campaign trail for my husband with one of their besties, Lexie, and Gunny the Great Dane.


One thought on “Children and Courage

  1. Oh April, I love this post ,During any transition in life we all need a little courage and developing strength from within is our most basic source . Children face so many transitions and are often forgotten when adults and searching inward. Peer reinforcement and empathy is an enormous comfort in life!! How great to be able to hear other childrens voice singing out on this important topic that affects us all.


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