The Fairy Queen & the 3 Brothers, Story 2, The Scepter

Welcome to Episode 13 of the April Eight Songs & Stories Podcast. Today’s story is “The Fairy Queen & the 3 Brothers, Story Two”.

On today’s episode, I tell you the story of Mell, the middle brother of the 3 brothers who are trying to bring down the regal Fairy Queen. Last week we heard how the youngest brother Quell not only couldn’t steal the Fairy Queen’s sparkle, he actually came to like and respect her.

But now it is Mell’s turn, and he thinks he has a pretty good idea. He wants to steal the Fairy Queen’s scepter believing it is the source of all of her magic. Is it? And is he able to take it away during the Equinox Festival? You’ll find out!

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Here is an excerpt from today’s story:

And Mell wondered if that scepter actually was the fairy queen’s magic wand… for the Fairy Queen seemed to be quite magical. You see, ever since Mell and his brothers had made their terrible bet, Mell had been spying on the fairy queen. He noticed that she seemed to be working all kind of magic every day on the citizen’s of her kingdom – for when they saw her they smiled and when she talked with them they laughed…. Mell was pretty sure all the magic was coming from her scepter. He figured she must have cast a magical spell upon the whole kingdom and that that was why everyone loved her.

But how to steal away that scepter? Mell sat on a stump and tried ot come up with a plan.

“I just don’t know. I just don’t know. I just don’t know.” Said Mell.

“How? How? How?” Said Mell.

Mell remembered that the queen usually had her scepter with her at special events… hmmm…

“Special Events.Special Events.Special Events.”

“I wonder when the next special event is?” Thought Mell.

Just then Mell’s little brother Quell came wandering by dressed in his nicest shirt, cleanest pants and, from what Mell could see, Quell had even shined his shoes. He looked rather dashing although there were still little bits of straw sticking out of his hair from his nights sleeping in the barn.

“Just where do you think you are going, Mr. Fancypants?” asked Mell.

“To the Equinox Festival, of course,” mumbled Quell feeling embarrassed. He was hoping to get passed his brothers without them seeing him.

“The Equinox Festival,” said Mell. “Of course!”

“Of course what?” said Quell.

“Of course that is where I can steal the Fairy Queen’s scepter,” said Mell.

“Oh….,” said Quell. He didn’t want Mell to do that. But what could he do? His older brothers never listened to him.

Quell shuffled away as fast as he could. He didn’t want any part of whatever Mell had in mind.

Quell had been so excited about the Equinox Festival, but now he was worried. What terribly thing might Mell do to try and bring down the Fairy Queen?

I mention in the podcast the super silly Halloween video that my daughter Mia and I made a few days ago. Oh, and also the free song download. But what I forgot to say was that I did a Facebook Live, where I introduced Roxie’s best friend, Rocco, and Roxie says hi too. And we sing some songs, like we do, and had a generally all around great time. So come see, if that sounds fun.

Now I’ve been super busy lately, way, way, WAY more busy that I ever thought I would be – for my dear husband is running for Judge here in Hamilton County, Ohio and we’ve been on the campaign trail. What an interesting and wonderful experience that has been (I’m serious!) but wow, what a lot of work. So, I haven’t been able to spend any time writing except in the littlest nooks and crannies of the day. And how I miss it! But no worries, November 8th is on its way, election day in the USA, and then I’ll be back to writing my podcasts much more regularly. I cannot wait!

Meanwhile, vote folks. Please vote.

All songs, stories, and illustrations are copyrighted by me, ©April Eight 2016.

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