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When autumn comes to Ohio, some of the sweet songbirds must fly to warmer climates. This is a little song I wrote about just that – migration. And for a limited time you can download “Follow the Sun” for free! And of course, The April Eight Songs & Stories Podcast is FREE every week. Subscribe today and never miss a song or a story.


“Follow the Sun” is from my CD, “Songs for a Magical Winter“.

To download the rest of the CD for just 99¢ a song, just follow me right over here, or download it from iTunes or Amazon or CDBaby. I’ll certainly be singing some of these songs in upcoming podcasts so it would be fun for your kids to know them when they appear in the stories!



“Follow the Sun” by April Eight

All the world is always changing.
I have to go with what I know.
I know that there are answers in these feelings
and there’s no question it’s time to go.
Let’s go!

We’ll follow the sun to the new horizon,
we’ll follow the sun to a brighter day.
We’ll follow the sun to the life it brings us.
We’ll follow the sun, we’ll follow the sun,
We’ll follow the sun.

I am a song with wings and feathers
I’ve sung for you all summer long.
But now the wind speaks of a new day,
that grows colder
and there’s no question it’s time to go,
Let’s go


We gather together, we’re birds of a feather
We spread our wings and fly,
Following the byways, rivers and highways
Following the stars up in the sky.
Maybe you’ll feed us, maybe you’ll see us
a shimmering cloud winging by
following our glorious gleaming guide…

©2011 April Eight Music

Follow the Sun Download. On a PC you use that right click magic. On an Apple, you click and also hold down the Control Key.

I hope you enjoy the song! See you on Friday for the next April Eight Songs & Stories Podcast when we’ll find out just how brother Mell tries to foil the Queen in Story 2 of the Fairy Queen and the 3 Brothers.  Those silly brothers!

xoxo April

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