This Weekend: Free Download & FB Live

Gnomies Are my Homies

Hello, my friends! What a lovely autumn we are having. I hope you are outside enjoying the cooler weather and all the delights that Fall brings.

Next Friday, October 14th you’ll hear more of the tale of the Fairy Queen and the Three Brothers. Do you remember where we are in the story? It is the middle brother, Mell’s turn, to see if he can bring down the fairy queen. Do you think he can? I’m not so sure…

On Saturday I’ll be offering up a free song download of one of my favorite April Eight songs (any guesses? It has to do with Autumn) right here on my blog. And on Sunday morning I’ll be hosting a quick little Facebook Live Concert on my April Eight page from 10:30-11:00am EST. A little cheer to start a great week.

Also, I’m just wondering, did anyone hear my sweet, but sometimes very naughty, dog  Roxie barking in last week’s April Eight Songs & Stories Podcast? Oh my goodness! That dog!

If you want to catch up on Season II of the April Eight Songs & Stories Podcast, it goes like this:

Under the Great Willow Tree
The Fairy Queen and the 3 Brothers

and then you’ll be all caught up for Friday’s release. How fun is that?

You can download all the April Eight Songs & Stories Podcast on your iPhone or Android at any of these great spots: iTunes, GooglePlay, Soundcloud or Stitcher. It’s FREE!

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