Kids Listen and Happy International Podcast Day April Eight Songs & Stories Podcast. Sometimes you just have to put your feet up and wait for the paint to dry...

Sometimes you just have to put your feet up and wait a minute for the paint to dry…

Hello my friends, Happy International Podcast Day.  I am delighted today to be invited to be part of Kids Listen. Kids Listen is “a new grassroots organization of advocates for high-quality audio content for children.” 

Now I am delighted because I love community, because I admire the work that this collection of creatives has been putting out into the world and, and because it is awfully nice, isn’t it, to be invited to join folks who think my work is worthwhile too. But I’m particularly pleased about Kids Listen because I appreciate their ideology.

“Our mission is to build community, advocate for the growth of the medium, and create standards and ethics that serve as best practices….”

Sometimes I feel like people put profit before all else, and it looks to me as though the #kidslisten community wants to view kids as children, not as consumers at all costs. And that is how I feel too. Let them be little.

So here is to podcasting, something that I never thought I’d be doing a year ago.

Another joy for me is that the second season of April Eight Songs and Stories is going strong. You can find April Eight Songs & Stories here on the blog, on iTunes, on GooglePlay and Stitcher. And if you’ve been enjoying the podcast, here is how you can help spread the word. Share with your friends and family through facebook and twitter, via email, whatever works. And it would actually be very significant if you would write a little review as well. This is how iTunes and GooglePlay rank my podcast. Ideally, your review would tell other families what kind of impact my podcast has had on you and yours.

Ok, love you all. Working away on the next story! Podcast on!

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