Ep 12 Story 1 – The Fairy Queen and the Three Brothers

· The Muddy Mess ·

Sep, 28, 2016

“Our two friends, Lillyanna and her little brother Josh chased a frog under a Great Willow Tree, and what should they find by an enchanted circle of fairies listening to a story from the Bard of Fairyland. And what a tale he tells! All about a Fairy Queen like no other, and the naughty brothers who want to ruin her.

“Let us make a bet my brothers,” said Pell.

“A bet?” Said, Mell, “I like the sound of that.”

“A bet,” said, Quell. “What kind of a bet?”

“I bet this here house right where we now stand. How about that? Let us see which one of us can bring down the fairy queen by making the citizens of this kingdom see that she is not as great as they all think. She can’t be, can she? And we can prove it. Won’t that be fun? Hee hee hee.

What say you, brothers? Whoever wins this bet get this here house all to himself and the other two will live in the barn with the pigs and the goats, the sheep and the chickens.”

And with that, the three brothers make all sorts of mischief for the kindest of queens. Will she fall?

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