Under the Great Willow Tree

Hooray! It is the Launch Day of Season 2 of the April Eight Songs & Stories Podcast. Today’s story is “Under the Great Willow Tree”. It is Episode 11.


On today’s episode, I tell you the story of a Lillyanna and her brother Josh. They start by chasing a frog but what they find under the great willow tree that green leaper leads them to is pretty unexpected.

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Here is a little bit of today’s story:

“He’s so cool!” shouted Josh.

“Gosh, be careful!” Lillyanna shouted behind him and they both raced behind the biggest frog either of them had ever seen. He was as green as the mossy bottoms of the rocks in the creek, with brown spots like sunlight dappled along the water. They could barely keep track of him as he took his wild frog leaps across the rocks at the edge of the creek.

“Do you think dad would let us take him home?” Said Josh, making a futile grab for the quick and slippery jumper. The siblings followed over rocks and around trees until the frog leapt under a willow tree whose long gentle branches arched gracefully over to let her leaves dangle into the meandering creek waters sending gentle ripples out across the stream.

Darting under the tree, Josh stopped suddenly and Lillyanna bumped right into his back. She looked over the top of his head to see something that made her squint. Then she rubbed her eyes. Then she blinked. Then she gasped. She grabbed Josh’s hand.

For under the arching branches of this great willow tree, hidden from the whole world around them and everything that Lillyanna and Josh knew, there stood an enchanted circle of…

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We may stay under this great willow tree for the whole season. Who knows? Not me. These stories just come out of me, and I, like you and your kids, never know what is going to happen next. That’s part of the fun for me! See you next week when we both find out just what this castle is all about. 😉

All songs, stories, and illustrations are copyrighted by me, ©April Eight 2016.

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