Momming It


It is back to school! Hooray! Wait a minute. Boo! Wait a minute. Hooray! Wait a minute, Boo! Wait a … you get my drift. I love the summer vacation. Spending more time with my kids each day, grooving along because there are no practices and pick-ups, early-to-beds/early-to-rises (unless it is for something exciting like a canoe trip!) feels so precious. There is a general sense of “just being” that some might call boredom but I call a healthy chance to rest the body and mind.

Now it is August, and we are ringing in the new school year, bringing a nice sense of rhythm back to our family – more direction, more focus. I love that too. My kids are ready for it.

You know those super together, amazing women who make being the mom look as easy as spreading organic peanut butter on whole grain bread? The ones who appear to be so grounded, relaxed and patient. I can’t really say that I am one of those, although I’m either getting better at it or my kids are just getting older. (“Pro-tip”: Older children still need their parents just as much, if not more, than the littles do. Who’d a thunk? Sometimes I visualize my patience like an old country road that goes on forever. It helps.)

I like to play and write, tell stories and sing, create and be free to dream up ideas big and small. I sometimes feel like more of a child than my own children. As a result, I had to dig deeper, search inside myself a little further, to find any mastery at all in being a parent.

Here are a few of my thoughts on the parenting journey that I shared this summer, for your reading pleasure:

Why a Rough and Tumble Dad is Good for Your Kids

Why I Wish You Believed in Fairies

Turn Off the X@%# News

Mom, It Starts with Loving Yourself…

When I Lose Faith…

In the coming months, I’ll be leading  Women’s Journaling Workshop around the shift in identity that happens when you become a mom. I’ll be offering this workshop in person and online. Sign-up now to be the first to know the when and wheres of these limited-seat events. I’m really looking forward to them!

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